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The NYET Linguistic Ethnography Research Network is a collaboration of researchers from different institutions who deal with the social aspects of diverse ways of speaking (signing, writing) from an ethnographic perspective. Linguistic ethnography is placed at the intersection of three research traditions: first, we relate to American theories and practices of anthropological linguistics mediated in Hungary primarily by Susan Gal, and previously Zita Réger; second, to the approach termed by Miklós Kontra socially useful linguistics (of public interest); and finally, to trends of critical sociolinguistics that emphasize the importance of language ideologies, linguistic mobility, and metapragmatic reflexivity in the study of language and power.

As members of the network, we welcome all those interested at our monthly discussion group events on critical sociolinguistics. The Discussion Group is an informal event where either major new publications or the participants’ ongoing researches are presented. Participation is open for everyone, even for those without a training in sociolinguistics; but we also look forward to the participants’ presentations of the analysis and interpretation of their social interaction data. Meetings of the Discussion Group are held on the second Tuesday of every month from 6 pm, at alternating venues (room A/233 of the ELTE Faculty of Humanities Campus on Múzeum körút, and Building D25 of KRE Faculty of Humanities), coordinated by Csanád Bodó (bodo.csanad@btk.elte.hu) and János Imre Heltai (heltai.janos@gmail.com). Meetings are 60 to 70 minutes long.

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